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Safety data sheets

You are not sure if your product requires a safety data sheet? You need help with preparing your safety data sheets? Call us and we will be happy to help.

This is not only relevant for hazardous substances

Safety data sheets are, without exception, part of the scope of supply of hazardous substances and mixtures and, to a degree, may be even be compulsory or useful on a voluntary basis with regards to substances and mixtures that are not classified as hazardous.

High standards

Safety data sheets must be prepared by a competent person who has the appropriate training and refresher courses! This cannot be replaced by software.
Our experts will be happy to help you with the preparation and checking of your documents. Upon request we can also prepare your safety data sheets in English or other official EU-languages.

Inspection, adjustment, preparation

  • Preparation of safety data sheets in accordance with the current legislation for most countries.
  • Monitoring of existing safety data sheets. This includes automatic updates in case of changes of substance classifications, legislative changes etc. Yet even a change of your data will be amended free of charge, within the framework of the monitoring within SDBL.
  • Classification of substances based on official provisions substituted by various data banks and manufacturers’ specifications
  • Classification of mixtures of the prescribed formula based on the CLP calculation methods.
  • Classification of hazardous goods
  • Classification of waste in accordance with the Austrian Waste List and the European Waste Catalogue.
  • Occupational exposure limit values in accordance with limit value regulation GKV 2011 and other requested current lists such as TRGS 900.
  • Classification water hazard class in accordance with German law