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PCN Poison centres notification

Composites have been reported to the national authorities since 1988. As the requirements concerning these reports varied greatly and had to be carried out in accordance with the national laws, it was difficult to implement it, particularly for companies with international customers.

Up to date

By means of the amending regulation EU 2017/542, annex VIII was implemented in the CLP regulation in accordance with Article 45 (CLP).
This new regulation for reporting dangerous composites significantly simplified the process described above. From now on all reporting mentioned above can be carried out by means of a single report.

The transition periods for reporting new composites brought on the market are:
1.1.2021: Composites for private and commercial use
1.1.2024: Composites for industrial use

Composites that are brought onto the market depending on the use, from the intended transition period, must be reported in PCN-format prior to initial placing on the market.
All reportable composites that were brought on the market prior to the respective deadline and reported in accordance with existing national law at the time, must be reported again only until the general transition period on 01.01.2025.


In parallel with the reporting, the products must be labelled with the unique formula identifier (UFI).
The same general transition regulation also applies to the UFI-labelling. The UFI-code to be generated is in the safety data sheet as well as the labelling.

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