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Only Representative Service

In order to be able to export substances as such or in products to the EU, it is mandatory to have them registered in the EU in accordance with REACh Article 5.

Only Representative

According to Article 8 of the REACh regulation, a company based outside the EEA can appoint a representative based in the EU who takes over all agendas of the REACh regulation. The registration (see REACh) is normally carried out by the manufacturer or importer of a substance based in the EU. If an importer has registered a substance, it is possible for an exporter (not based in the EEA) to supply this substance to the importer. But only this importer and no other customer. However, if this exporter is represented by an OR (Only Representative) in the EU, it is possible for him to supply the entire EEA with a substance registered by the OR, regardless of whether the customer has registered or not.

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