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CLP labeling is an important part of a product's legal compliance.


A product cannot be placed on the market without correct labelling. The CLP (Classification, Labelling, Packaging) regulation creates the legal basis for classification and thus also for correct labelling. We are happy to help implement this central regulation of European chemicals law. Because the first thing that a customer or a representative of the authorities sees, in addition to the packaging design, are the chemical-legal information such as H-phrases (hazard warnings), P-phrases (safety warnings) and of course the pictograms, which are intended to communicate the prevailing dangers directly.

size & arrangement

But the size of the label, the arrangement of the information or just the font size are also regulated by law and must be implemented accordingly. The chemical law final inspection of a label is an important part of our product portfolio and provides the necessary legal certainty to be able to place the product on the market.