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Legal security in chemicals law from one source

We help you in all sectors of the chemicals law, whether on an EU or national level.

Attention: a safety data sheet is only a small part of the chemicals law.

Chemicals law

By now, the chemicals law is a complex area, and its implementation requires sound knowledge and experience.

The safety data sheet is an important aspect, albeit not the only one. The safety data sheet protects the user from damage and the supplier from warranty claims in connection with potential dangers that result from a substance or mixture.

As mentioned, the safety data sheet is only one sector of the chemicals law. Labelling, PCN-reports, SCIP-reports, registrations, notifications etc. are the best-known requirements to the distributor of products at this point in time.

In addition, many customers are surprised by the vast number of restrictions, prohibitions or authorisation requirements used by the chemicals law in order to protect people and the environment, which make life difficult for companies at the same time.

Yet, the requirements of the chemicals law as well as the clear boundary to other legal materials and their integration into a holistic view are not the only the mandatory basis for your legal safety. There are frequent overlaps between e.g. chemicals law and the ordinance on biocidal products or chemicals law and the detergents regulation.

Benefit from our experience and enjoy legal safety from one source.

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