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Biocidal substances and products

You need help with the authorisation of biocidal products or active substances? We are here to help!

Authorisation of biocidal products

Biocidal products are subject to an authorisation requirement, whereby the ingredients must be authorised. Companies providing biocidal products on the market for the first time (manufacturers, importers) are mainly affected by the biocidal products regulation (BPR).
In accordance with BPR the authorisation process must use effectiveness and risks for humans, animals and the environment as basis for the evaluation. The purpose is to prevent insufficient effectiveness and unacceptable effects when used according to instructions.

For a consolidated version of BPR please click here.

Our services

  • Consultation
  • Preparation and submission of dossiers for authorisation of biocidal products and active substances
  • Classification and labelling
  • Chemical-physical inspections
  • Toxicological and ecotoxicological inspections