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About us

In 2006, the REACh regulation entered into force. We used this event that somewhat unsettled the European economy to study the matter in depth, which resulted in the foundation of the company UmEnA GmbH in May 2007. Initially it was designed as a combination of environmental law, energy efficiency (energy certificate) and waste legislation (=UmEnA), in 2008 the decision was made to focus exclusively on the European chemicals law.

The economy’s huge demand for competent partners who have been involved right from the start, and the small number of such companies, on the other hand, guaranteed UmEnA’s huge success.

Over the years, we were able to gain a lot of practical knowledge and the multitude of contacts to authorities and authority representatives allow us to act as an intermediary for both sides.

We see ourselves as our customers’ partner and always place quality above quantity. It goes without saying that our services meet the strictest requirements, yet, in addition to that, we are always available to our customers to provide a solution for the multitude of big and small problems regarding chemicals law in everyday work life.
The quick and unbureaucratic, mostly free-of-charge, help is a valuable support for our existing clients in order to deal with the hurdles presented by the chemicals law, and is very well received by our customers.


The management

Managing partner

Dipl.- Ing. Andreas Schmid

Managing partner

Dr. Helga Preishuber-Pflügl