Chemicals management

Working efficiently and using potentials

Advantages via management system

Every company that prepares safety data sheets or receives safety data sheets from its supplier, needs chemicals management – the extent depends on the requirements. An efficient system helps save time and money.

A functioning chemicals management also provides legal safety.  It may be linked with other sectors such as occupational safety, hazardous goods, etc. and serve as basis for the preparation of material flow analyses.  The timely implementation of a suitable system is advisable.  Finally, the legal requirements in the sector chemical law are constantly increasing and the respective area of responsibility will use even more personal resources.

Is your company lacking specialist knowledge and/or resources? We are happy to take over the execution of all matters of chemical law.

Adjusted to requirements

Modular data bank solution

We offer a data bank on the basis of MS Access 2013 for your chemicals management. It can be adjusted to your company’s requirements by means of various models.

You don’t have an Access licence? No problem! All modules are also available as Runtime Version.  If you want to forego the option of a data bank, you will receive all data as pdf and, upon request, as hard copies.

Our services

  • Adjustment of the data bank modules to the company requirements
  • Inventory of all chemical-law-relevant products
  • Control and, if required, updating of all entered data
  • Adjustment of the data and the data bank to legal changes
  • Data generation (classification, advice)
  • Consideration of REACH annex XIV (authorisation) and XVII (limitation)
  • Preparation of the required safety data sheets
  • and much more