Chemical law

On EU- or national level

Legal safety in chemical law

We will help you in all areas of chemical law, whether on EU- or national level. We will help you, in particular, with the registration (in accordance with REACH) as well as classification and labelling (in accordance with CLP) of your substances and mixtures.

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Registration, evaluation, authorisation


The registration of substances by the manufacturer or importer is the central obligation in accordance with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals).

There are further obligations for the entire supply chain to the commercial consumer – such as the preparation and transfer of safety data sheets. With very few exceptions, every substance in the EU is subject to REACH – from birth (production, import) to death (waste). In order to determine all your obligations you have to clarify your position in accordance with REACH first. Note that 1 June 2018 is the registration deadline for substances in the range of 1 – 100 metric tons per year.

Regulation (EU) No. 1907/2006 REACH – Attention: This consolidated version does not include all current changes.

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Our REACH services

  • Determining the costs for registration
  • Carrying out the registration
  • Consultation and training
  • Establishing a chemicals management system
  • Preparation of safety datasheets
  • Representation to authorities, suppliers and customers in accordance with paragraph 4
  • Exclusive representation of a manufacturer not located in the EU in accordance with paragraph 8
  • Representation in SIEF and consortia
  • Adoption of all REACH agenda in the entire company

Classification and labelling


Correct classification and labelling of substances and mixtures is essential to fulfil the legal requirements. This has been obligatory in accordance with CLP (Classification, Labelling & Packaging of substances and mixtures) since 1 June 2015. This overrode all other regulatory frameworks in this context.

National and international chemical law as well as other legal subjects in the sectors environment, waste or protection of employees refer to the classification of substances and mixtures with regards to chemical law.

We will use our years of experience and sound know-how to help you.

Our CLP services

  • Classification and labelling of substances
  • Classification and labelling of mixtures
  • Chemical/physical inspections
  • Toxicological and ecotoxicological inspections
  • Notification to the ECHA classification and labelling inventory
  • Preparation of text for chemical law labels and other labelling elements, such as e.g. the detergents regulation.
  • Inspection of existing classifications
  • Preparation of safety data sheets

Legal situation in Austria

National chemical law

In addition to the EU requirements via EU regulations and directives there are also Austrian particularities, such as the regulation concerning the poisons officer (§ 44 ChemG (chemical law)), the poisons regulation (BGBL II 2001/24), the self-service regulation (BGBl. II No. 251/2015) and many more.

For a comprehensive overview of all national legal texts see the Chancellor’s office’s Legal Information System (LIS).

We will be happy to inform you with regards to the particularities of the Austrian chemical law.